Saturday January 6th, 2018 – The Battlegrounds in McKeesport, PA
Results courtesy of Hank Hudson

REFEREES: J. Hutchie, P.J. Parker
NEXT LIVE EVENT: Saturday, February 3, 2018

(1) Dean Radford (ranked #1 in the “Fight Society”) pinned Troy Lords (ranked #21) in 8:47 following a piledriver onto a steel chair that his opponent had originally brought into the ring!!!

(2) Destin Vaine (ranked #15) pinned “The Hero Of Time” Kato (ranked #9) in 11:15 following a “killswitch” maneuver set up by a slug loaded with a foreign-object!!!

*****”America’s Most Hated” Tanner Reynolds hijacked a segment originally scheduled for a Kitana “Fight Society Media” interview!!! Reynolds grabbed a random “Fight Society” trainee working ringside security, beating him sadistically and unmercifully before kayoing him with a pair of consecutive running knee-strikes and then bullying ref P.J. Parker into tolling an unofficial three-count!!!*****

(3) “The Apex Of Combat” Lee Moriarty (ranked #2) pinned A.J. Matthews (ranked #20) in 8:05 following his “X-Blade” scissors-kick set up by a spinning kick upside his foe’s head!!!

(4) Patrick Hayes (ranked #3) pinned Toryn Flight (ranked #11) in 10:22!!! Hayes countered Flight’s “German Suplex” pin attempt by preventing the masked man from backbridging while raising one of his own shoulders just prior to ref J. Hutchie’s count of three!!!

(5) INAUGURAL “WOMEN’S ELITE EXPRESS” CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: “The Perfect Knockout” Samantha Starr pinned “The Monstrosity” Maria Manic in 8:11 following a D.D.T. for the W.E.X. belt!!!

(6) Bulletproof Danny Able (currently not a “Fight Society” member) pinned Lewis (ranked #10) in 4:32 after planting him with a “gordbuster”!!! Afterward Chambers rushed the ring out of nowhere to beat upon the helpless nerd!!!

(7) BOUT ORDERED BY THE BEAST (“FIGHT SOCIETY” COMMISSIONER OF CHAOS): Chris Helmsly (ranked #7) pinned ‘The” Timothy Titan (currently not a “Fight Society” member) in 7:14 following his “pedigree” face-first piledriver!!! Titan had interrupted Kitana’s interview with an already angry Helmsly and, in order to halt the annoying bickering, Beast had Helmsly risk his #7 ranking in the match!!!

(8) IMPROMPTU TAG-TEAM MATCH: Stryder (ranked #4)/”The Bayou Bully” Christian Black (ranked #8) defeated “The Man At War” Silas Morgan (ranked #14)/Shirley Doe (ranked #13) in 12:58!!! This started as one-on-one between Stryder and Morgan and, when Doe and Black suddenly brawled out of nowhere into the ring at the three-minute mark, ref J. Hutchie let it continue as a tag event!!! Eventually Doe and Black would brawl completely out of the arena never to return, and soon after Stryder would maneuver Morgan into a rear takedown cradle to score the victory pin with both feet on the ropes for extra illegal leverage!!!

*****SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT BY “FIGHT SOCIETY” REPRESENTATIVE PAUL ATLAS: The seven ranked “Fight Society” member winners of earlier matches were summoned to the ring: Radford, Vaine, Moriarty, Hayes, Helmsly, Stryder, and Black!!! Danny Able tried to crash the meeting but, as a non-member, he was shooed away by Atlas!!! The seven competitors were informed that they would get to compete for the only title in the “Fight Society” on the next live event on Saturday, February 3, 2018 at The Battlegrounds!!!*****