Saturday February 3rd, 2018 – The Battlegrounds in McKeesport, PA
Results courtesy of Hank Hudson

REFEREES: J. Hutchie, P.J. Parker, “The Enforcing Official” Crusher Hansen
NEXT LIVE EVENT: March 3, 2018

*****SHOW OPENING: Crusher Hansen summoned to the ring the winners of the seven “Fight Society” bouts on the previous live event: Stryder, Chris Helmsly, Destin Vaine, Christian Black, Dean Radford, Patrick Hayes, and Lee Moriarty!!! Each of these men had scored the first of the three consecutive victories needed to win the “Fight Society” championship!!! Out of the blue Crusher announced that the first of the seven to knock out one of the others would advance immediately to The Final Trial for the Fight Society championship on March 3rd!!! Stryder proceeded to swat Helmsly twice with a chair to get the necessary K.O. for the “bye”!!! With Helmsly still seeing stars on the canvas Hansen ordered his scheduled opponent to the ring!!!*****

(1) “The Highlight Of The Night” Classic Chris Helmsly (ranked #7) pinned “The Chosen Samoan” A.J. Alexander in 6:57 following his “pedigree” face-first piledriver to advance to “The Final Trial” on March 3rd!!!

(2) FOUR-MAN TAG-TEAM MATCH: Troy Lords (ranked #21)/Sammich (a.k.a. “The Bread Man” Dan Sandwich) defeated Lewis (ranked #10)/A.J. Matthews (ranked #20) (Lords pinned Matthews) in 8:41!!! Sammich’s “codebreaker” double-knee gutbuster followed by Lords’ top-rope falling-headbutt set up the three-count!!! Sammich’s part in the victory earned him a spot in the “Fight Society” with his ranking to be announced in the near future!!!

(3) Patrick Hayes (ranked #3) pinned “Bulletproof” Danny Able in 9:31 with a “frog splash” set up by a double-knee gutbuster out of a fireman’s carry to advance to “The Final Trial” on March 3rd!!!

(4) “The Man At War” Silas Morgan (ranked #14) pinned Destin Vaine (ranked #15) in 8:12 following a sit-out “Tiger Bomb” out of the “electric chair” position!!! Immediately afterward Chambers, who has been stalking “The Fight Society” as of late, attacked the victorious Morgan out of nowhere, but “The Man At War” managed to drive him off before too much damage had been done!!! Vaine’s defeat eliminated him from “Fight Society” championship contention!!!

(5) “The” Timothy Titan pinned “The Apex Of Combat” Lee Moriarty (ranked #2) in 9:17!!! Moriarty appeared enroute to victory and was preparing to deliver his “X-Blade” scissors-kick when Danny Able entered the ring!!! As ref Crusher Hansen tried to remove the intruder, Able slipped a kendo-stick to Titan who immediately brained his foe to get the stunning upset three-count!!! Moriarty’s defeat eliminated him from “Fight Society” championship contention while Titan’s win earned him “Fight Society” membership and a #22 ranking!!!

(6) Toryn Flight (ranked #11) pinned Dean Radford (ranked #1) in 8:05!!! Radford bonked Flight with a trio of headbutts and then executed his “Radicator” slam for what appeared would lead to a winning cover!!! However, Flight shocked one and all by kicking out of the ensuing pin attempt!!! Flight then countered Radford’s effort to lift him from the canvas with a “small-package” cradle for the duke!!! Radford’s defeat eliminated him from “Fight Society” championship contention!!!

*****Coming out of intermission “America’s Most Hated” Tanner Reynolds commandeered the house mic and ventured out into the crowd at ringside!!! Reynolds konked one of the “Fight Society” trainees working security with the live mic and then dragged another into the ring for a sadistic beating!!! It took refs Parker and Hutchie plus two of the female trainees to pull off Reynolds by his hair to finally put an end to the carnage!!!*****

(7) Shirley Doe (ranked #13) pinned “The Bayou Bully” Christian Black (ranked #8) in 11:29!!! When Black attempted for the second time in the bout to spew his irritating mist into his foe’s eyes, Doe blocked it with an upright steel chair!!! Doe thrusted the chair into Black’s face and followed up with a D.D.T. onto the seat for the three-count!!! Black’s loss eliminated him from “Fight Society” championship contention!!!

*****Paul Atlas summoned to the ring the six grapplers who had scored their first “Fight Society” victory earlier on the card and offered them the immediate opportunity for a second straight win to advance to “The Final Trial” on March 3rd!!!*****

(8) SIX-WAY SCRAMBLE FIGHT (FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE): Toryn Flight defeated Shirley Doe, Troy Lords, Sammich, Timothy Titan, and Silas Morgan in 4:34 to join Stryder, Patrick Hayes, and Chris Helmsly in “The Final Trial” for the Fight Society championship on March 3rd!!! Flight overcame a double-teaming by Titan and his buddy Danny Able on the Battlegrounds stage by planting “The” Timothy there with a “Crossroads” style maneuver to get the winning three-count!!!