Saturday March 3rd, 2018 – The Battlegrounds in McKeesport, PA
Results courtesy of Jim LaMotta

An enthusiastic crowd gathered at the Battlegrounds to witness the culmination of the Fight Society championship series to crown the first ever Fight Society champion. The thrilling night put to test all members of the Fight Society as some fought for the championship, some fought for entry, and others fought to maintain their membership.

Once such athlete fighting to survive was the fan-favorite Lewis, who was on a two-match skid prior to that night. As per the rules of the organization, three consecutive losses will prompt a competitor’s exit. Lewis was opposed by Chambers, the deranged grappler that seemed to enjoy the chance to inflict pain on opponents. Mist in the eyes directly after the opening bell put Lewis at an early disadvantage, but in a display of resiliency, the nerd rallied his way to victory to save his spot on the members list.

Grizzled veteran, Paul Atlas appeared to inform the audience that the four fighters in the elimination championship main event would be forced in a series of “challenges” throughout the night to prove they truly deserved the spot in the historic bout.

An unranked athlete that requested an opportunity to join the Fight Society, Gavin Jacobs made his debut in the organization when he challenged the seasoned Troy Lords. The Celtic fighter showed a tremendous amount of toughness, but Lords employed remarkable technical skill to methodically damage Jacobs’ shoulder to secure the victory. Lords continues to impress on the platform that The Battlegrounds provides.

In the first of the evening’s challenge series, “Classic” Chris Helmsly was confronted by the massive Beast Man and was smashed with a series of power maneuvers before he escaped to the backstage area. This exchange led to speculation on Helmsly’s status for later in the night.

A pair of athletes stepped into the squared circle to attempt to make their mark on the Fight Society. Brohemoth, the 350 LBS megapixel-inspired athlete, entered the building in an attempt to secure himself a place on the roster. A sneak attack to start the contest from the debuting Wilbur Whitlock proved to be unsuccessful after Brothemoth used his considerable size advantage to pick up the win. Those in the audience responded well to Brohemoth, prompting anticipation for his potential follow-up appearance in the organization.

With the historic opportunity for one fighter to etch their name in the history of Pittsburgh professional wrestling, tensions ran high during the event. Patrick Hayes and Toryn Flight exchanged words in the ring for the next portion of the challenge series before the trio of Troy, Chambers, and Sandwich attacked. Chaos ensued until Hayes and Toryn dispatched their foes, but then those two traded strikes before order was restored.

Destin Vaine, who is still attempting to petition against the no rules atmosphere of the Fight Society, verbally protested his bout against Pittsburgh legend Shirley Doe. Vaine’s objections were met with Doe’s forearms. However, in an ironic transaction, Doe pinned his opponent with a classic roll up to get the victory.

THE Timothy Titan was accompanied to the ring by his new stablemate, Danny Able for a bout against touted prospect AJ Alexander. “The Chosen Samoan” overcame a numbers disadvantage, and used a flurry of hard-hitting offense to secure a pin fall. Enforcing Official Crusher Hansen prevented shenanigans from the Titan/Able contingent to ensure a decisive winner, one of the cornerstones of the organization.

Stryder was next to challenge himself, but the savoy pro artfully dodged his way around the Battlegrounds to avoid Dean Radford and Shirley Doe.

While Dean Radford was in the ring, he demanded a fight and invited anyone backstage to accept. Dan Sandwich, who surfaced in the building last month, answered Radford’s request in an attempt to cement himself as one of the new mainstays of the organization. The power and aggression of Radford was too much for the newcomer to handle. Dean was victorious and left the ringside area in a foul mood as he targets a future title shot.

Post-intermission, Tanner Reynolds demanded mic time and proceeded to run down the trainees that he assaulted in recent months. After he verbally jabbed the beginners in the ring, he landed a few cheap shots on the rather defenseless trainees. AJ Alexander, still recovering from his bout earlier in the evening, appeared on the ramp to confront Reynolds. Fists were thrown and an impromptu contest began. The effects from the previous match hindered Alexander, and Tanner scored a quick victory.

In another, “win or go home” scenario, AJ Matthews was opposed by Danny Able, who looked to secure a contract. Matthews was on the bubble because of two consecutive losses previously and fought hard to maintain his career in Fight Society. An evenly-matched contest concluded with Able’s hand raised. Matthews was exiled from the Battlegrounds, but stopped to acknowledged the audience in a response to a round of applause.

When the main event took the ring, the four athletes, including Chris Helmsly, Patrick Hayes, Stryder, and Toryn, all looked prepared for the historic bout. Around the 15-minute mark, Toryn and Stryder were eliminated. The all-action contest continued when Helmsly hit Hayes with a pedigree. Just as it looked like the three count would hit the canvas, Hayes got a shoulder off the mat. Hayes recovered and landed a rib breaker to set up for his trademark splash. Hayes climbed to the top rope and soared through the air to connect with a huge frog splash. The audience erupted in an ovation when the final count officially declared Hayes the first-ever Fight Society champion. Post-match, Hayes took the mic and delivered a heartfelt speech to explain what the championship meant to him.

Hayes vowed to defend against all challengers, prompting questions for Fight Society’s next event on March 31st.